Saturday, June 19, 2010

Working Hard in the Hot Alabama Sun

I haven't been blogging lately because, well, I've been gardening. In the hot Alabama sun no less. But I'm really happy with the results.

In addition to my rose beds, I have several other flower beds and an herb & vegetable garden which keep me busy. Thankfully, those are way more successful than my poor rose beds. Anyway, over the last few weeks, I've enjoyed watching pink hydrangea blooms, scores of Stella d' Oro daylilies, Big Time Happy daylilies, red and orange Canna lilies, Hibiscus, Phlox and my new favorite Coreopsis. In addition, I'm keeping our home and my neighbors well stocked with Early Girl, Husky Cherry and Roma tomatoes. I'm even experimenting with watermelon. Geek that I am, I'm photo journaling the growth of my first melon on a weekly basis. Good times.

In other garden news, my mother-in-law, handy go-to-17-year-old helper and I have installed a paver patio and playground area combo, and doubled the size of the vegetable garden. Thank God for sand and roto-tillers. They (especially the patio) are not perfect (or perfectly level) but it's hard to tell.

A few other trees have been planted on our enormous hillside, including flowering Crabapple, English Dogwood and Crape Myrtle. Hard to tell when my husband lets the grass grow too high, as they're only about eight inches tall. But I'm looking forward to photo journaling their progress too. lol!

Next up, a homemade arbor over my new patio area with (insert drum roll please) climbing roses. Maybe I'll have better luck with those.