Friday, August 17, 2012

Pictoral Update for August

You must forgive my lack of blogging these last few weeks. Time escapes me. But I still have a few precious moments to enjoy my yard and here are a few samples of it for you.

At the end of the season when the Queen stopped feeding the colony, I had the worst time with wasps. Anything remotely sweet became a target. I even watched a small group chase a hummingbird away.

Luckily for me she came back and let me get this shot of her.

After 3 years, my bougainvillea finally bloomed. It only needed weekly fertilizing. High maintenance this one but so worth it.

And my zinnias. So lovely.

I was given this milk and wine crinum a few months ago. It surprised me this week by blooming. I thought it would be at least a year! That's my rain garden for you. Whatever I plant in it grows like a weed and produces bountiful blossoms. My low-lying portion of the yard turned out to be the best problem I've ever had.

Until next month!