Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ground Zero

I wanted to include some before pics so you'll know what I'm working with.

The first vignette is a rose garden on the north side of my house. On the far right is a knock-out rose bush. The other three are various hybrids which I can't recall. The one on the far left produces a yellow bloom, which has a counterpart in another garden.

The second picture is of a smaller rose garden on the west side. The one on the left is the second yellow blooming rose bush. (I actually got these yellow roses for Valentine's Day two years ago.) The one on the right is some kind of hybrid. In front of this area is a small azalea bush which I think I'll transplant (again) and replace with some more roses.

The next two pictures are two miniature rose bushes in the front of my home facing east. As you will notice, the one on the left is about twice as tall as the other. It gets a few more hours of sunlight due to the slope of the roof.

So I'm no rose guru. Obviously. And my rose gardens are actually just a few rose bushes here and there. For now. But I do love them and would like to learn as much as I can in caring for them.

Sometime in November I visited a friend's new home and saw a very large rose garden focal point in her backyard. It was gorgeous. Apparently the previous owners spend about two hours each day in the yard doing whatever was necessary to keep it looking spectacular. Wish I knew where they live now and take a crash course. Anyway, that's kinda what I would like, on a smaller scale, in the designated areas in my yard. I'm also including a picture of my friend's backyard so you can see my inspiration.

Looking forward to spring!

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