Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spring - Is That You?

After a long and brutal winter filled with flu bugs, winter blues and even an adenoidectomy, I finally believe spring is coming. Not because of what some silly groundhog did or what an even sillier groundhog whisperer said. Rather, becuase of what's going on in the ground.

To the average eye, it might not look like much, but take a look at what I found in my gardens.
This is an amarylis leaf peeking through.
The Stella d'Oro's are coming back to life.
Even the transplanted (from ground to pot) lantanas are waking up.
Muscari waiting on their crowing glory.

There was even a discarded onion top in my vegetable plot which took root and sprouted. Who would have thought that rotten thing would have any spark left.

I hope this warm up is just the start of things to come because I really am ready for spring.

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