Sunday, July 3, 2011

Digging Daylilies

I sometimes amaze myself at the things I get up to for the love of my garden. I've often been inspired by several Master Gardeners who enjoy telling me stories about their flower-digging escapades. Some constantly travel with a shovel and pots in their trunk in case they need to pull over on the side of the Interstate for an interesting species. I'm told you'd be surprised at how well some of them can spot a 6-inch plant on the side of the road while driving 50 mph.

For many weeks, I've enjoyed observing native daylilies on an abandoned property in the woods while driving to and from church. It took nearly as long, but I finally built up the gusto to pull some up. With the kids in the back seat and a girlfriend at my side, we were rearing to go.

Strange looks from passerbys, irrational fear of snakes and getting arrested for trespassing or stealing or both aside, I really enjoyed the experience. Maybe I'll start traveling with a portable potting station myself.


  1. I had fun, too!! We;ll have to nab more plants some time!

  2. I've been looking but can only spot wildflowers now. If you see anyting interested, call me.

    My daylilies are already multiplying. They're going to fill up my rain garden extension nicely next year.