Monday, August 22, 2011

THIS MEANS WAR!!!!!!!!!!

The DH and I have declared war on tomato hornworms after we found another three decimating our bell pepper bushes. (I could slap myself for digging up those French marigolds!) I've squashed more than I care to admit, and my my trigger-happy hubby is anxious to break out the BB gun again. But, because I appreciate the benefits of the Five Spotted Hawk Moth these little buggers become, we're going to try a different route.

We've captured these three and are currently housing them in a glass jar on a restricted diet, i.e. one bell pepper a day. The plan is to build a more appropriate cage to enable them to form chrysalises, and release them after they've metamorphed.

Now I admit I've neglected my garden a bit this summer. Between visitors, trips and just trying to stay out of the unbearable S. Alabama heat, I've not done the preventative work necessary to keep it in tip top shape. But I'm going to start remedying that tonight. As soon as the sun sets. Good times.


  1. The amount of poop these creates generate is scary. I never got around to building a proper cage for them because their poop was about to take over my kitchen after only five days. With mixed emotions, the DH and I got rid of them as humanely as possible.