Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pot Lid Butterfly Feeder

As a Master Gardener, I am trained to look at discarded items with an eye to repurpose them. A few months ago, I swapped out my old teflon-coated pots for stainless steel ones, but kept the perfectly good lids in case I ever needed them. After watching a short-story commerical about decluttering your life, where they specifically instructed the viewers to toss those old pot lids that do not match the new pots, I was at a crossroad. But, a recent conversation about a butterfly garden gave me an idea!

I used the lids to make a butterfly feeder:

Butterflies need shallow watering trays from which to drink. Even bird baths are too deep. Now I just need to find the right spot in one of my flower beds, where we can enjoy watching our flying friends.

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