Friday, May 11, 2012

Found water

Last year, I planted a host of Louisiana irises behind my HVAC unit to soak up the water that the system expels. My little experiment worked a little too well because the water-loving irises multiplied exponentially. I found after several divisions, my efforts only resulted in a very short-term dent, so I dug them all up, transplated a few, and happily shared the others with friends.

Once the warm temperatures kicked in, again I faced the challenge of how to deal with the water dripping from the HVAC unit. Thinking it over one morning, serendipitously with a gallon jug in my hand meant for the recyling, I placed it under the drain pipe and went on my way. A few hours later, I checked back to find the jug was completely full. I emptied it in to my rainbarrel and returned it. A few hours later, I repeated the process. And again. And again. And again.

With the thermostat set between 77 and 78 degrees Farenheit, I've discovered that I collect five gallons of 'found water' during the hours I'm awake. Amazing. I'm encouraged that when the City sets water restrictions later this year, which will no doubt coincide with a drought (ipso facto no rain water in my rain barrels), I will still have at least five gallons of water each day to water my criticals. YAY!

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