Monday, October 13, 2014

Goings On in my Garden

It's been a good gardening year thus far. This spring, my young forsythia plants bloomed and my amaryllis multiplied. I was tickled pink!

This young viburnum has had some struggles. A few years ago, my husband accidentally scalped it with the weed eater. Undoubtedly it would have been easier to replace it, but sucker that I am [feel free to substitute sucker with stubborn] I wanted to see if pampering it would help it recover. Well it did and to thank me, bloomed beautifully this spring.

We also had wild plums and blueberries!

A friend of mine gave me an old arbor which I plan to use next year to train muscadines. Those are strawberries in the hanging baskets and tomatoes on the vines.

Some of my beautiful flowers including day lilies, crape myrtles, sunflowers and spider lilies.


My son and I planted a single watermelon seed in 2012 which produced a massive vine with tons of juicy watermelons. We get volunteer vines every year since from the composted seeds. They were not so sweet this year so I don't think I'll keep any other volunteer vines that come up. It was good while it lasted!

In the next few weeks, I hope to purchase and plant pansies in the front around the birdbath and fire hydrant. I'm also thinking about planting a winter garden. We'll see.

Here's hoping you have enjoyed your garden as much as I have mine. :)

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