Monday, March 9, 2015

I Am In Love!

Yes, I am in love! I am in love with Magnolia soulangeana!

This beautiful tree has many common names, eg. Chinese magnolia, saucer magnolia, tulip tree, none of which adequately describe its majestic beauty. Still, a rose by any other name...

I adore the pink hues bursting forth from the buds in early spring, giving way to showers of elegant pink and white petals. Its display is never long enough though. Still, whenever I come across one of these garden treasures, I am reminded that spring is on her way after a [very] long slumber.
I am planning on adding a saucer magnolia (how I was first taught to identify it) in my backyard this spring. In fact, I am removing a hillside flowerbed just to accommodate it. It will be a better fit and the flowers will be transplanted in other areas.
This tree has its share of problems including fungal diseases and pests, however, in my experience beauty always requires hard work.

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