Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Mini Succulent Garden

I have several variety of succulents in pots around the yard and had more than a few leaves drop while cleaning up. I didn't want to toss them so I thought I'd create a mini planter for my desk at work.

The succulent in the center already had a good root system so that one is actually buried in the potting mix. As for the others, I simply arranged the succulent leaves as I wanted on top of the soil. As the leaves broke down, they gave way to new plants which will be rooted in the potting mix.

I already had the pot, which is lined with pebbles at the bottom to help with drainage. (It is temporarily resting on the charger, which is awaiting a Christmas makeover.)

Even though I used good quality potting mix and plan to fertilize when required, it will take a few months for these to grow in. They have a nice, sunny perch near a window and will be most delightful to look at. Can't hardly wait!

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