Thursday, April 14, 2011

Conical Ivy Topiaries

I've been lusting after ivy topiaries for the front porch for a while now, but was not prepared to pay the hefty price tag they carry. So I decided to make my own. I just didn't know where to start.

I scoured the garden centers for wire forms, but apparently they don't carry them around here. While in Montgomery yesterday, I visited Southern Homes and Gardens (love that place) and a nursery worker suggested I make one out of chicken wire. Bingo, I have tons of the stuff at home. So I bought two small ivy plants for good measure. Finally making progress.

Once I decided on a conical shape, I drafted the DH to help me after the kids went to bed. I imagined we'd don some gloves, cut up and 'paste' with floral wire and be done in time to watch a few episodes of Golden Girls. No such luck. The hubby wanted to make them 'right' and to this end, we spent and hour and a half looking up math formulas and creating paper templates.

During this exciting quality time, I found a craft blog which suggested cutting a circle shape, then cutting out a quarter of that circle to make the cone. But as this method employed (dare I say it) estimation over the use of a scientific calculator, it wasn't good enough.

Eventually we (and by we I mean him) figured out how to calculate the arc, apothem, and chords to make the cones. (I will have to let him post the steps for other poor souls looking to make them right.) The actual making of the cones took all of 10 minutes, but the pride my husband felt in succeeding cannot be measured.

Thanks hon. I love that you're a perfectionist and they look great. And you still know how to show me a good time. :)

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