Monday, October 3, 2011

Lowe's Nursery Specialists

I constantly complain about big box stores, but somehow can't seem to stay away. It's amazing what I'll put up with for the right price I guess.

I get so frustrated with the "Nursery Specialists" at Lowe's. So the kids and I go there this morning for aluminum sulfate or sulfate coated urea to amend my garden bed to lower the pH. Because I get overwhelmed whenever there is more than one option for whatever I'm looking for, I decide to take a short cut and ask said specialist to pick one for me. She looks me in the eye and tells me point blank that they don't sell those. O-K. I politely thank her and brave the shelves myself.

As I'm browsing the assortment of fertilizers especially for acid-loving plants (a.k.a. plants that prefer a lower pH) an older Lowe's employee who I've known for years, with no fancy title, helps me narrow down my aluminum sulfate search. (Thanks Ms. Ellyn!) I momentarily considered calling the Nursery Specialist back and showing her where she could find the aluminum sulfate products, but ultimately decide against it.

I guess I should have been more specific with my request, telling her what I wanted to accomplish instead of asking for the active ingredient. Silly me for assuming she would be familiar with active ingredients. Note to self for next trip.


  1. yeah... I had a similar experience looking for a Nitrogen fertilizer. I calmly explained that I just needed some nitrogen (only the N of the N-P-K listing) to green up some leafy herbs and plants that needed help with green vegetative growth. I actually pointed out and explained to the "Specialist" what they had & why a Complete fertilizer was more than I needed & not what I wanted. He was at least somewhat knowledgeable in that, once he understood what I was looking for, he directed me to the co-op. Then I showed him what they had on the shelves that met my needs. I sure am glad I could sell the product to myself. LOL!

    1. I agree and now they are being hacked for our credit cards. Wish these stores would disappear.