Thursday, January 26, 2012

Deer Today, Gone Tomorrow

I suppose it was inevitable since I live near wooded areas, but my deer attack last night is still leaving me feeling violated. I've had pansies near my front door since November, and just yesterday, I was admiring how beautiful my planter is. Then I found this today.

Even though I have woody surroundings, I'm on a corner lot on a busy street. I've seen deer further down on our street where the woods back up to my neighbor's property, and I've even seen evidence of them eating flowers inside my Crapemyrtle borders, but on my front step? Food must be scarce.

Feeling a little blue right now, but not for long. The obvious next step is to research deer-resistant plants and refill my planter. That, or build a feeding station somewhere in the woods to draw them away.

1 comment:

  1. yep... them rats with antlers are a trying bunch of mooches! They will eat any and all green leafy things you put in the ground... or near enough to it that they can still reach it. That's why I LOVE deer season. It kinda feels like I'm getting my garden back... with interest! :)