Thursday, April 9, 2015


Like any good, southern lady [or in my case a lady learning to be southern), I enjoy ferns. Bostons, Kimberly, asparagus, turkey, woodland, bird's nest...I have yet to meet a fern I don't like. Last fall however, I realized I don't like them in my flowerbeds.


A few years ago, I transplanted a few woodland ferns in my rain garden from a vacant lot on my street. They were slow to start but began multiplying rapidly last fall. When the garden went dormant, I dug up as many as I could, only to find they came back this Spring with a vengeance.

I am dutifully digging them up as I don't want them to smother the Crinums, Cahaba Lily, hostas, elephant ears and Louisiana irises. No easy feat as it seems like whenever I pull one up, three others take its place.

As far as ornamentation for my front porch and even my desk at work, they are still the apple of my eye. Pictured below is a bird nest fern in my office.

It seems the moral of this story is that my ferns are best potted.

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