Friday, April 17, 2015

Neighbor Appreciation

It's always nice receiving a compliment from a neighbor about my landscaping. Yesterday at my daughter's gymnastics class, a gentleman who lives down the street from us told me how much he admires the flowers around my mailbox.

I appreciated his comment very much. I garden, not for the compliments, but because I enjoy it. Since we spend such little time in the front yard, there are only a few areas I beautify, this being one of them. So for someone to take the time to notice, and let me know that they noticed, is very special to me.

As you can see, the daffodils have died back but the hardy glads and amaryllis are in their full glory. Also, the lantanas are coming alive. As we approach summer, this area will take on a whole new look as the bulbs die back and the low-growing lantanas cover the area in a mass of orange and yellow blooms. Can't. Hardly. Wait.

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